Isabelle Suvira Ott

Isabelle Suvira OttIsabelle Suvira Ott is a spiritual healer and teacher. She has the ability to read aura, chakras and episodes of past lives. She owns the Bear drum of medicine woman.

A gifted healer, she has had a successful healing and spiritual practice in Phuket and Chiang Mai ,Thailand for 16 years.

She works with energy healing, rebalancing and enhancing the energy of the body, She reads chakras giving the patients the opportunity to understand their own issues.
She uses childhood and past life regression to go deeper into the soul. Sometimes astrology and Tarot readings help her to reach the person at a more personal level.

She conducts workshops on chakra meditation and energy healing. She is deeply influenced and guided by ‘A Course In Miracles’. She has a MA in Education from Geneva University Switzerland, the town where she was born.

Isabelle loves art. She has been painting since a young age, finished high school in Visual Art and graduated in Geneva Conservatory in Performing Arts. She has created performances and had exhibitions of her oil paintings in many locations around the world.

After working as a schoolteacher for ten years, she had the opportunity to study at Naropa Institute, a university in Colorado, US, founded by the famous Tibetan monk Choguam Trungpa. There she enrolled in Buddhism and Dance Therapy.

During this time, she was deeply involved in the world of Contact Improvisation. Carried by this New Age flow, she taught classes and workshops in San Francisco where she was based at the time. She traveled extensively teaching and performing among many well-known artists.


I practice meditation for more than 10 years. I sit every morning and visited several meditation centers. With Isabelle I experienced a good guided meditation, which helped me a lot to go further in my path. She knows how to keep you focused and how to take you deeper inside yourself. It gives nice results, for which I am very happy!

Marc, Chiang Mai


Isabelle’s artwork is ALIVE.

Her paintings are wonderful, enchanting. It is vibrant with color, movement and texture. When looking at her painting, I would find myself drifting in and out of different cosmic images. One gets a feeling of suspension from this world and an entering into another world, another cosmos. One can have the feeling of almost floating.
Isabelle is a deep thinker and a true light worker, both of those qualities come through a work.

Zoe, California