Healing and Teaching

Healiing and Teaching with Isabelle


Aura healing and chakra healing are a very ancient science. It has been rediscovered and is now used more openly. Barbara Brennan with her book “Hands of Light” created a new foundation for this work, along with Quantum Touch, and in France “Les Soins Esseniens”.

In 1998, I started exploring this type of healing by myself after practicing different kinds of bodywork and therapy. I was very impressed by its efficiency and how quickly I was achieving results, so it became my main practice.

This healing works with the vibrations of the body, which are often out of balance especially in case of illness. Using a light touch of the hand or sometimes even not touching the body, the healer uses her own energy to bring more harmony to the energy field.

The chakras are a complex and sophisticated system, doors for universal energy to enter the body. The first to the seventh chakras resonate like the keys of a piano and with enough skill they can be tuned and restored to their original vibration.

Training with Isabelle

Lately I have started working with students in the old fashioned way, where the master is here to guide, teach and love her students. We spend time together, usually at my house, and we meditate, we talk and they practice on each other.

In order to work with me, you need to have a background in massage or bodywork, to have done some therapeutic work on yourself, and practice meditation regularly. You will have to go through a personal interview of 3 hours with me and I will also need to consult your astrological birth chart.


Working with Isabelle helped me to enhance my interest in spirituality and energy healing. She knew how to let me discover my abilities by guiding me in a simple, soft and genuine way. Being in her presence increased my capability and her aptitude to feel what was happening in me helped me to make fast progress. Our shared talks and experiences brought me more understanding and clarity. Learning with Isabelle was a rich, supportive experience, magical and so natural at the same time. A real encounter, and the beginning of a friendship!

Philippe (France)