Surasak Suvira

Khun Surasak

Surasak Suvira (nicknamed Khun) is a painter, a musician and a photographer. He was born in Lomsak Petchabun, a couple of hours from Bangkok Thailand. He studied art in Chiang Mai University but lack of support forced him to work in advertising. He also opened a restaurant and explored different paths.

Music is another love of his; he played the guitar and performed in Riverside and a few other venues in Chiang Mai. In the 90’s he met his future wife Isabelle who encouraged him to focus on his artwork.

Pastel became his favorite media, and he held a couple of exhibitions in Chiang Mai. Now he focuses mainly on oil colors on canvas giving life to landscapes from around the world. Some of his painting can be seen in galleries in Bangkok.

He is currently writing songs and is planning to make a CD of his songs. His philosophy of life is, “Things happen when they are ready!”

Surasak Play Guitar